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Go Soul Searching with these 4 Yoga Retreat Spots


The rigors and stresses of our daily lives slowly eat us up without us even noticing. By the time we realize it, it’s already too late as our daily lives have completely took over.


Our spiritual well-being suffers in the process even if we thing of lesser burdens than others. It is best to seek solace from time to time and go soul searching.


Patterns are boring since it is something we do over and over again, which is why we have to try something new for our next vacation and go on a yoga retreat.


Don’t let these fad programs fool you because sometimes, all you need is simple meditation in paradise to clear your mind.


The best part is, these meditation retreats are certified not to break your bank account.


1.      Believe Surf and Yoga Retreat


Costa Rica has been a popular traveler’s destination because of its combination of its lush beaches and nature. Unbeknownst to many is that in the small town of Santa Teresa lies a great escape.


For as low as $450, you can enjoy four days and five nights of retreat filled with yoga, nature walks, and watersport. This is on top of their surf lodges with great views, as well as complimentary meals.


2.      Restorative Yoga Retreat


Portugal has one of the best beaches outside the Caribbean and Mediterranean peninsula. The best place to meditate when in Portugal is at the Restorative Yoga Retreat if you are looking for peace and pleasant.


Located in the civil Parish of Ericeira, this affordable holiday is the epitome of relaxation as they offer a mix of yoga, massage and spa. They also offer vegetarian style food which provides that extra cleanse.


For as low as $419, you can already enjoy eight days of all that plus watersports like kayaking and paddle boarding.




3.      Sivananda Ashram Yoga


Nothing speaks “the life” than a great escape to the Caribbean blue. For as low as $533, you can already book yourself a retreat in one of the most famous authentic ashram houses in the island of Bahamas.


The Sivanda Ashram Yoga Retreat gives you a feel of what it is like living in paradise. You will surely feel cleansed while in your retreat with their daily yoga classes and tasty vegetarian meals.


Their daily itinerary include other meditational therapies like chanting and spiritual talks on top of their yoga sessions, which are conducted twice a day. You also get a chance to enjoy the clear Bahamian beaches through snorkeling and swimming.


4.      Surf and Yoga Holiday in Tahazout


The small fishing village of Tagzahout in Southwestern Morocco happens to have one of the most affordable meditation retreats. For as low as $431, you can enjoy a week worth of surf and yoga lessons on this part of the globe.


Guests also get to access the elegance of relaxing Traditional Turkish baths, as well as a visit to the colorful Agadir Market. Cap it all off with a view of the beautiful sunsets in Morocco.




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