Dealing with Flight delays

How to deal with a delayed flight


Flight delays are a total headache! You can also add flight cancellations to that.


It is understandable if it is you who missed a flight due to negligence but what if the delay or cancellation isn’t your fault?


It is a pet peeve or even worst enemy of every traveler. Who wants to experience them anyway?


The thing is we have no choice since these are precautions that ensure passenger safety.


Sit down, calm yourself, and take some time to read this article and find out how you can deal with flight delays.


1.      Ask for constant updates


It is common for a stranded passenger to become irate about the situation, especially if it means an unnecessary delay to their schedule.


The flight is delayed and our only choice is to deal with it. Griping about the situation will not suddenly fix the plane you are bound to ride.


The best strategy is con contact customer support or anyone in charge for constant updates about the situation.


Companies, especially airlines, who have 24/7 operations must have 24/7 support as well. Passengers have the right to know about updates regarding their flight.


Be sure to keep in touch with an authority figure if you are not satisfied with the customer support you have received.


2.       Keep connected


Bringing a charger has become a necessity in the age of smartphones which gives you no excuse not to bring yours.


Always see to it that you bring a fully charged phone or gadget along with you. Every single battery percentage counts in these types of situations.


Avoid unnecessary use of your technology or better yet, connect it to a reliable power source while waiting for updates.

On top of your cables and adaptors, it is also good to have a power bank or a back-up phone, or whichever is more convenient to you.


Inform your loved ones, including friends immediately if stuck in such situation. That way they are aware of the situation and can offer help from where they are if possible.


As an additional perk of a charged device, airports usually have free internet access where you can go online and check for updates regarding your flight.


3.      Invoke your rights


Flight delays and cancellations are mostly the fault of your airline provider as it is their negligence that caused such. That is in the event that weather conditions are good.


It is your right to be provided full assistance to you to the best of the airline staff’s capabilities. It is important that you invoke your rights as a passenger.


You must be reasonably entitled for compensation since the trouble caused is mostly due to faulty aircraft.


Food and accommodation are usually mandatory in times like these. In the event that you are not provided with such, you have the right to report to an authority figure that can implement action.


Also remember that the compensation package must equate to the amount of trouble you experience.


Be reasonable as well as you should not ask beyond the worth of the trouble you were caused.


4.      Travel insurance is an investment


Part of your responsibility as a traveler is to make sure that you have an insurance. It is the most important thing aside from your passport and money.


Check your government health insurance benefits if they cover medical costs incurred while traveling. If not, it is best to apply for one or see if your airline provides for such.


Some budget airlines offer them as a purchasable option and it is recommended to avail of such. You will never know when you are to encounter serious natural disaster.


Some travel insurances even offer coverage for cancellation and rescheduled flight costs. This will make you avoid making unnecessary expenses.


Also make it a point to review the coverage of your travel insurance in order to maximize its benefits.


5.      Prepare for the worst


Worst case scenario is the flight totally gets cancelled and you have no choice but to accept the full refund your airline provider offers.


What do you do now? How do you get to your destination? This is why it is important to always have a back-up plan.


Traveling by air incurs the biggest risk, which is why airline providers always delay or cancel for passenger safety.


There is always the possibility for major disasters such as tsunamis, typhoons or even terrorist attacks.


Flying by air may be faster depending on location but if it gets delayed, the time wasted could have been spent on other modes of transportation.


On that note, consider traveling by land or a different flight route if possible. You can never be so sure of what may happen as you look forward to getting to your destination.

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